We Listen

Call us. Send an email. Tell us your tax problem.

We Communicate

We welcome open lines of communication and encourage you to stay connected with us throughout the entire process. Ask as many questions as you need to. Let's work together.

We Clarify Your Tax Problem

You will be walked through a multi stage process to get to the root of your tax issue. We pinpoint and verify a number of common IRS errors such as the incorrect documentation of balances due, common mistakes in income reported, etc. The goal is to have a full understanding of your exact tax problem. First we find it. Then we fix it !


We Advocate For You

With over 2 decades of experience solving IRS problems; we know what to expect. Fixing IRS problems is our speciality. We fight for you and intend to win.

We Offer Payment Plans

Payment plans will require advanced payment for each major step necessary to solve your problem.


Glenn Miller, CPA, P.C.

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Rockford, IL 61111 USA